Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.


Lady Gaga in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For





this is it®

the gasps throughout the entire audience after she starts bleeding are fucking amazing

This changed everyone’s game


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July 27th, 2014: Arriving at her apartment in New York City

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Let’s rave!

I wrote about everything I didn’t write on The Fame. While traveling the world for two years, I’ve encountered several monsters, each represented by a different song on the new record: my ‘Fear of Sex Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Alcohol Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Love Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Death Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Loneliness Monster,’ etc. I spent a lot of nights in Eastern Europe, and this album is a pop experimentation with industrial/Goth beats, 90’s dance melodies, an obsession with the lyrical genius of 80’s melancholic pop, and the runway. I wrote while watching muted fashion shows and I am compelled to say my music was scored for them.

@ladygaga: Bye bye Atlanta